​Bravo! Concerts Northwest presents LIVE concerts in Portland Oregon and concerts in Vancouver of classical, jazz, sacred, pop and chamber music. It features one of the best choirs in Portland.

Presenting Great concerts of classical, jazz, sacred, and contemporary music 

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​​The Bravo! Chorale invites singers who have a passion for singing and a love for music to audition.  The Chorale ranges in experience from accomplished amateurs to trained professionals.  We are currently auditioning: Tenor, Bass, & Alto.

Audition Requirements:  

1) An audition with Dr. Maria Manzo is required to become a member of the Bravo! Chorale.  Please fill out the contact form and call our concert office at 360-906-0441 to schedule your audition.  Auditions will include the following:

* A prepared piece of music that best shows your voice.  This can be any piece of classical, jazz, sacred, broadway, etc.  Bring a copy of this music for the accompanist to play with you.

* vocal exercises to determine your range.

* short sight reading to determine your rhythmic and reading skills.

2) Rehearsals: TUESDAYS, 7-9:30 PM starting 5 weeks prior to concerts.  There is 1 DRESS REHEARSAL before the first concert.


The Northwest Chamber Orchestra is comprised of professional free-lance musicians.  To schedule an audition with Dr. Michael Kissinger, please complete the form.  NOTE - AVAILABLE POSITIONS INCLUDE: VIOLA (no winds or other strings at this time)