​​Bravo! Concerts Northwest presents LIVE concerts in Portland Oregon and concerts in Vancouver of classical, jazz, sacred, pop and chamber music. It features one of the best choirs in Portland.

Presenting Great concerts of classical, jazz, sacred, and contemporary music 

Our "Phantom of the Opera" and our "Jazz Vocalist Dee Daniels" concerts are currently cancelled until state officials in Washington and Oregon provide official notification of state openings.  These concerts may be performed at a later date, but we are able to provide a specific date at this time, since the situation remains fluid and unstable.  As a performing arts organization this is devastating to us - because we perform music - for YOU, our audience.  Please keep your tickets, and please remain loyal to us for our future concerts.  We look forward to performing GREAT music again soon.  Stay tuned for more updates.

​​​CLICK HERE to see our coronavirus update page 

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